Tuesday, April 15, 2008

What got you to do your first Layout?

Hi everyone,
It's really beginning to look like Spring has Sprung here in Poland Spring! Yay!

I have not made one scrapbook page as of yet. I do not know what I am waiting for. I have been to so many scrapbooking blogs to get my inspiration fueled plus my idea books. Still no layout in my album. I have a ton of pictures to use. I even went to see my beautiful granddaughter on Saturday and took quite a few pictures so I could use them and still no page. What am I waiting for? I guess it's because I am a perfectionist and everything has to be perfect. I hate that about me. I wish I could just dive in and scrap.
I went to PaperclippingsLive and was trying to learn how someone else does it. I learned how to make what she calls a Fred. It is metal and stands up with magnets holding your page and your elements so you have more table space. I made my own. I went to the craft store and got some post magnets for a metal book holder I purchased a few years ago for holding my cross-stitch patterns. But, oh ya I remember what I used to set it on. I have a wooden stand upstairs in the closet. That would be perfect to hold my page on. It won't even be setting on my table and be stomped on by my cat. He likes to jump up on to my work space and one by one takes his little paw and deliberately knocks everything off the edge so I will pay attention to him. Cats are really smart. That's a whole other subject. (Fred my Crazy Cat)
So now I need a push into the action of scrapbooking. I don't know what kind of push it will be but one of these days watch out, I will design a layout for all to see. Got any ideas how to just take the plunge? I am open to suggestions.
I went to the craft store and purchased a Cricket but it is just sitting there collecting dust. It makes me sick to have spent so much money on a tool that is not being used. Maybe I will sell it on craigslist? I don't know. I got the Cuttlebug and love it. I do use that and have learned alot of different techniques to use with it. I love making cards. I have many rubber stamps to use and a few ink pads. I love what people have done with the new Spellbinders Nestibilities.
I have crammed my supplies in a small space and haven't figured out how to get everything organized. That has been a work in progress. Maybe that is what is holding me back? Ya think? I have never been to a class for any of this and try to teach myself from the Internet. Maybe after writing this I will have talked myself right into the plunge.
I would love to design a layout and post it in a contest. I said I was going to do that over on the Hero Arts Blog and Creating Keepsakes Blog. I was too wrapped up in reading other peoples blogs and looking at what they created that by the time I was inspired I was too tired to start anything. I got an idea. Maybe if I just pencil it in on my calendar a day to organize and then a day to scrap? Maybe that just might work? Plus give myself a deadline to have one posted on my blog.

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