Monday, June 16, 2008

Monday Monday

Well this is the day after Father's Day. I have a card to post which I created to give to my hubby. I created it from scratch and that's was not easy. I have a hard time making cards in a masuline theme. I love bling and glitz and frills and lace etc.. So do guys like any of that stuff? I think I need an idea book for masculine cards. I just might think about creating such a book. ? Or does anyone out there know of such a book or magazine?
Busy weekend, it was. It is hard to be creative when life gets busy. I went fishing with my husband and daughter. My other engaged to be married daughter and her future hubby went with us for the great adventure. We have a hard time finding good fishing holes around here. You wouldn't think so to be living in Maine huh? Too many houses are taking over the beautiful countryside. I bet more than half of the houses that are in Maine are not lived in. That is so sad. I would love to have my own house. I would not build one, I would buy one that is already built.
My daughter and future son-in-law just signed papers and officially own a house. They are so happy. I can't wait to go see it for the first time tomorrow. I will be busy helping them paint. It needs a lot of TLC. But that way they can make it look the way they want it to look. I have to get ready for work so ta-tah for now. Have a happy creative week.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My Daughter's 18th Birthday!

Sorry I have been neglecting my blog. This is an update to what has been going on with our family. I have a new baby kitty. She is soooo cute. My hubby named her Pippie. She is half Maine Coon Cat and something else. I will post a pic. My other cat plays all the time a bit too ruff I think, sometimes I break it up. I have been creating cards left and right. I made a quick card for my daughter's friend. She graduated. I made a card for my daughter cuz she turned 18! She just finished her last day of school today. She is looking for a job now. She will also be working towards her drivers permit. Lucky me I get to teach her how to drive. Yay. Summer Vacation time. Now I can take a break after I get her grades in. I homeschooled her this year cuz our High School has a bad grading system. Plus the school leadership does not enforce the rules.

So here is some pics. The first one is for her 18th and the second one was for her 17th.