Monday, September 28, 2009

It's an Exciting Week

This is the big week heading towards World Card Making Day Oct 3rd.

Go over on this blog to get in on some giveaways! :)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Hornet

Have a Hornet Nest! This is a really mean looking nest at my daughter's house. This kind of hornet has a white butt and is not a nice insect. I wish she would get rid of this nest. Their sting is not good news.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tuesday Mornin' in September

I am hoping to hear from my eye Doc today so I can pick up my new glasses. Can't wait to see clear again.

Yesterday I finally finished putting the new screen door on. Now to keep the cats from ruining the screening. Need to find a gaurd for it.

Today I am going to spend some fun time with my granddaughter Leah. She is such a joy to be with. She is very creative and talented.

I love these flowers that always put on a bright sunshine yellow gold show in the fall. They grow taller than me and they are beautiful.

Monday, September 21, 2009

I Love Spending Time With :

Portland Back Bay

A pretty view on the trail of some Sweetpeas.

09/16/09 - Daughter and Mother. On our fun journey around Back Bay 3-1/2 mile trail.

Last Wednesday evening I had a wonderful time with my No 2 daughter, Tonya. We went to the Whole Foods in Portland. I loved it there and could spend way to much m0ney but great products can be had. Then after we ate some Sushi we walked around the 3 and a !/2 mile trail around the back bay of Portland Harbor. I really surprised myself that I could do it so easy cept when I had to go at the last mile. Next time I will plan the water drinking a little better. No fun walking a mile with a full bladder and weak muscles. ;0 The best part was being with my daughter. I enjoyed her company so much and we let our hair hang out. FUN time. Thankyou Tonya. I love you.

Thursday I got my eyes examined and ordered new glasses. I cannot wait to get them. I am hoping I will love Transitions without No-Glare coating. ????

I need to work on putting the new screen door on the house. My cat really did a number on the old one. I have to go borrow my Dad's skillsaw today. Also trying to make a choice on getting new hinges. I hate the spring loaded ones.

Monday Monday.... so good to me....
we are having such fab weather and I found fab prizes to be had....check it out...
I just found a great blog and they are featuring an awesome give-away this week. I like how they use sketches and may find them very useful when creating our ideas.
here is the link: