Monday, September 21, 2009

I Love Spending Time With :

Portland Back Bay

A pretty view on the trail of some Sweetpeas.

09/16/09 - Daughter and Mother. On our fun journey around Back Bay 3-1/2 mile trail.

Last Wednesday evening I had a wonderful time with my No 2 daughter, Tonya. We went to the Whole Foods in Portland. I loved it there and could spend way to much m0ney but great products can be had. Then after we ate some Sushi we walked around the 3 and a !/2 mile trail around the back bay of Portland Harbor. I really surprised myself that I could do it so easy cept when I had to go at the last mile. Next time I will plan the water drinking a little better. No fun walking a mile with a full bladder and weak muscles. ;0 The best part was being with my daughter. I enjoyed her company so much and we let our hair hang out. FUN time. Thankyou Tonya. I love you.

Thursday I got my eyes examined and ordered new glasses. I cannot wait to get them. I am hoping I will love Transitions without No-Glare coating. ????

I need to work on putting the new screen door on the house. My cat really did a number on the old one. I have to go borrow my Dad's skillsaw today. Also trying to make a choice on getting new hinges. I hate the spring loaded ones.

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