Wednesday, December 24, 2008

It's Christmas Eve

My granddaughter having fun in the snow!!
She is sooo cute!

I can't believe we have had a whole year go by us. I am never ready for Christmas. I hate that. My resolution for the new year is to become better organized. That is my new goal. I have become better at being on time for things which was a past goal. It's pretty easy to do when things are eliminated which cause less time.

I did not find what I was shopping for last night. So I ended up getting something else instead. Not really that happy with the whole shopping experience but hey what can ya do? Improvise.

I never got my Christmas cards done. I didn't get many cards this year as I have in the past years. What is a Christmas card anyway? Why do people send cards saying Merry Christmas? Is it something that a person came up with to make money on? I am on a mission now to find out how sending a Christmas card all started. So if anyone out there knows anything please let me in on it. Instead of making cards I made homemade Mounds candy. It took me like four hours. I will never make them again. I got the recipe off someones blog. I like the store bought Mounds Bars better. I just hope the people I give to will enjoy them. I will send out a card to family and friends in my life.

It will just be a Wish for a Happy and Blessed New Year card.

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