Monday, July 14, 2008

Wedding Day July 13th

My daughter got married yesterday. She was very beautiful in her wedding gown. It's hard to believe she is now a married women. But she has a good husband. It makes me feel at peace to know that she will be happy with him. They have a new house they will be residing in and was suppose to be getting a puppy today to add to the family. The wedding ceremony was outdoors by the gazebo and fountain at Pineland Farms in New Gloucester. Then off to the garden for pictures. The wind was very strong so everyones hair was windswept. They road to the reception in the limo with her Dad and I. I got blisters oin my feet from dancing. They had a DJ playing music and good food served by Maggie and Russ Brady. All four of my daughters were in the bridal party along with my grandchildren.

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Sandi Keene said...

I have lived in Fl for just over a year. I used to live here as a child long ago. Had to google Seffner but I see it is by Tampa. I am near Daytona. I would be glad to answer her questions if she has any. FL living has a learning curve for sure.