Monday, June 16, 2008

Monday Monday

Well this is the day after Father's Day. I have a card to post which I created to give to my hubby. I created it from scratch and that's was not easy. I have a hard time making cards in a masuline theme. I love bling and glitz and frills and lace etc.. So do guys like any of that stuff? I think I need an idea book for masculine cards. I just might think about creating such a book. ? Or does anyone out there know of such a book or magazine?
Busy weekend, it was. It is hard to be creative when life gets busy. I went fishing with my husband and daughter. My other engaged to be married daughter and her future hubby went with us for the great adventure. We have a hard time finding good fishing holes around here. You wouldn't think so to be living in Maine huh? Too many houses are taking over the beautiful countryside. I bet more than half of the houses that are in Maine are not lived in. That is so sad. I would love to have my own house. I would not build one, I would buy one that is already built.
My daughter and future son-in-law just signed papers and officially own a house. They are so happy. I can't wait to go see it for the first time tomorrow. I will be busy helping them paint. It needs a lot of TLC. But that way they can make it look the way they want it to look. I have to get ready for work so ta-tah for now. Have a happy creative week.

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