Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thursday very early mornin'

Photo share: this my School Photo when I was 13.
This was a very proud day for our Son-In-Law David. Graduating and getting a scholarship to Boot! We are so very proud of you David. Our Best Wishes for your future in college.

I guess I will catch up with my blog. I have been a fill in for Brady's Cleaning this week. Quite an experience I must say. I can't wait for pay day so I can order my new eye glasses.

Last week I spent three afternoons painting my Aunt's ceiling for her. She is in her eighties and lives alone. Now I need to paint my walls in the kitchen and livingroom then I want to paint my ceilings.

It has cooled off alot this evening. It was really hot in the businesses we went into to clean.

I found a blog today that is very inspiring. Here is the link:

I found scrapbook paper on sale at Joann's Fabric store today. Die Cuts With A View Paper Stack: The Fun in the Sun Summer Stack. 180 sheets of printed paper for $8.97. Regular 19.99.

Great Deal.

Summer is coming to a close and it seems we were short changed on our summer weather wise.

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