Monday, January 26, 2009


It's the last week for January and makes us a lttle closer to warmer weather. It has been miserably freezing this month. But we are much better off than some. Like my Mom and Dad having their water pipes and drains freeze up.
I am so excited about winning a really nice idea book over on Jennifer's Blog. Can't wait to get it in the mail.
I have been checking out the Making Memories Blog today hoping to win a prize from their give-aways from the CHA show in California. They are showing the New Product coming out this year. They are also giving away their new electronic cutting tool: SLICE machine. I got one for Christmas. I have'nt had a chance to use it yet. My DH went to buy it at A.C. Moore two weeks before Christmas and they were sold out so he got a raincheck. I didn't get it 'til yesterday. I also picked up two design cards for it, Basics 2 and Noteworthy. It comes with Basics 1. They have come out with new design cards for it at the CHA show.
I finally finished the afghan I crocheted for my Son-in-law. He loves it. He likes how warm it is. It is in the colors black and neon green which he likes.

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